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The Academy got its first students in 2013. We had more than one hundred attendees originating from seven different countries, and they managed to accomplish the scheduled program perfectly, with the help of our team of experts in the beautiful setting of Vrnjačka Banja. More than one hundred children who all wanted quality training as well as having a good time before and after practice became our whole world in the days that followed. During this eruption of children’s energy, attention, smiles, runs, jumps, shots, assists, defenses, conversations and songs, we realized what our mission needs to become. Our children. Who is going to work with them, if not the best of the best? And if not now, when? Our main hallmark is the fact that we are extremely committed to broadening their knowledge, perfecting their technique and sportsmanship, helping them address their opponents, teammates and referees appropriately, as well as developing their overall general knowledge and team spirit. 







Andrea Lekic accepted the challenge of transferring her experiences as a handball player and a regular person for generations to come with the help of our team of experts. She accepted the challenge of sharing the joys of growing up, maturing, learning and making progress with them. To teach them how to be friends with each other and respect each other, because the only way they can succeed is by working as a team. 

Andrea Lekić - The heart and soul of the Academy

“I believe that I can use myself and other successful athletes as an example and promote the sport in the right way, guiding the children through their journey and showing them the right path. Taking responsibility and organizing all of this is not an easy feat, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to make everything happen, but as soon as I see all of those happy children and feel their undying energy, I know for certain that it is one of the most important decisions I have ever made during the course of my career. It is incredibly rewarding to see how the children are listening carefully and absorbing everything they are told. Recognizing the fire in their eyes and their efforts to do what their coaches expect them to, watching their constant need to prove themselves worthy; All of these things present a kind of magnet that constantly “attracts” me and my team, and it gives us incredible energy. A child’s joy, happiness and creativity are one of the most beautiful things in the world. “

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