Date: March 29, 2016


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Andrea spent a fantastic part of her career in Gyor. All of those unforgettable moments were now written in stone, and a new challenge was in order.
“I always strive for new challenges. It’s always good to have something that can constantly “push” you and make you perfect each and every skill, make progress and never give up. Challenges are something that drives me, and that is the beauty of what I am doing. I love proving to myself that I can do something. I constantly thrive to keep up some kind of continuity in everything I do. I decide very carefully about where I will continue my career. That’s exactly what happened when I was thinking about Vardar and Macedonia. Playing in a country where handball is the number one sport is a big deal. I knew what the atmosphere was like, how much they value success, I was attracted by the way they celebrate success and good results, and I wanted to take on a new challenge. Their fans surely know how to appreciate commitment and sacrifice. I didn’t even need time to adapt in Skopje. It was a mere formality, since I really feel at home there, which also means that I don’t travel back home nearly as often as I used to. “