Date: March 29, 2016


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Because of her obligations towards the national team, she returned to the field just two months after having sustained a severe elbow injury after falling at a Champions League match in Germany. She still remembers that period from 2010 as one of the most difficult times in her life.
“Watching a game knowing that you cannot help your teammates is very hard. I was definitely feeling empty after watching the game that cost us our placement in the semifinals, and it was most probably my injury that made us lose our placement among the top four teams in Europe. My head was bursting like never before because of all the stress I was under.”
After a copious recovery and incredible perseverance, she managed to play in the key qualifier match for the European Championship of 2010 in Smederevo. She led the national team to victory against Turkey, and it meant that Serbia qualified for competing in the European championships.
“That win meant more than anything to me, because that was the only goal I had after my quick recovery. I was as happy as a person can be. After two months of hard work and fighting to get where I was just for that game, we succeeded. We opened the doors to the European championship, and the celebration that my teammates and I had after the win was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I hope that there will be an even bigger celebration because I am planning on building a shelf for my trophies where I will leave a spot for a trophy with the national team, and I really hope that I will soon get a chance to put a trophy on there”, said Andrea at the end of 2010, believing that she and her teammates will get their “five minutes of fame”. And they did, just three years later.