Date: March 29, 2016


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After a painful 2012 where she first lost the Champions League finals match, and after that lost a chance to get a medal at the European championship in Serbia, she finally got her much awaited “dream year”. All of her wishes came true. The Serbian National team won a silver medal at the World championship. In the final match at the “Kombank Arena”, in front of approximately 20000 spectators, the Brazilian team outperformed them by 22:20 (13:11). After a great match in the amazing atmosphere of one of the biggest sports halls in Europe, the Pan American champions eventually managed to break our girls’ resistance and fetch the gold medal. The captain of the Serbian national team was playing while still undergoing full therapy and injections because of an injured heel in the semifinals, even though the doctor told her to take a 10 day break.
“There is no part of my career where things went badly. Even when it comes to my health, it served me really well up until the day before the last day of the competition. That 59th minute in Poland was a breaking point, because I got an injury which didn’t allow me to do my best in the finals. I couldn’t do my best, but nevertheless, 2013 is without doubt the best year of my life and career. I think it’s better than anything I could have ever imagined. I became the European champion while playing for Gyor, and I won the silver medal at the World Championship with the national team. I won the Champions League in May, I was happy and I made my dream come true, but I only realized what true joy and happiness are on the 22nd of December. That pleasure and pride are something that cannot be compared. Once you do something for your country, it is much more powerful, much more emotional. Once you add the fact that no celebration is done like it’s done in Serbia, then everything is just that much sweeter.”