Date: March 29, 2016


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The generation that went through a rough patch while growing up finally reached the top of the world. She made a whole generation love handball. The euphoria was so amazing that people were planning their days around the times the girls started singing their anthem, fighting for every opportunity and breathing as one. They wrote a new chapter in the handball history of Serbia.
“We definitely had a tough road to the finals, but we had faith. We were aware of the task that was before us, but I knew in my heart and my head that it was the only chance for us to make history in front of our own audience in our own country. We were watching a video before our game with Norway, and what left a memorable impression were photographs of me and my teammates crying during the final weekend of the previous European championship. We looked at each other and just knew that it cannot happen again. It was a good reminder of what we shouldn’t do. Those were the moment’s I was the most proud of, because the team stuck together, especially when times were hard, they showed character, dedication and a strong team spirit. While we were playing against Norway, most people thought it was all over, but we didn’t believe that for a second. We believed that we can win together, and we did it. It is one of the proudest moments of my career, because it wasn’t just a simple victory. It was the most amazing night ever since I started playing handball. There is probably no one except for our closest friends and loved ones who know how much effort, work, dedication, sacrifice and tears we had to put up in order to get that result. Our confidence skyrocketed compared to the year before. It was the most evident when we managed to even out the score even after losing by five goals against the Olympic and World champions, let alone make an 11-2 streak. Having faith in your teammates is the key to success. Whoever was out on the court, they gave their best. Looking back at the National team’s losses from the previous years, looking at how many times I was disappointed and hurt after unsuccessful European championships, qualifiers etc, I believe that the most painful memory was the match against Croatia, when we didn’t manage to qualify for the World Championship in Brazil, which was also one of the prerequisites to get a visa for the Olympic Games in London. Those were the most painful memories. I cannot believe how much has changed in those two years, that period during which we managed to grow. We gained confidence, we give our best, and pride is just a fraction of what I feel even to this day.”