Date: March 29, 2016


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andrea lekic finale konferencijaThe world record in the number of spectators at handball matches was broken three times. People were asking for extra tickets, the lines were huge, people were standing in the cold for hours to get their hand on some tickets to watch the nation’s new heroines play. People who weren’t into sports were approaching the handball players watched them play in awe. The Serbian handball players brought 19467 spectators into the Arena. It will be long before any sports hall in the world attracts more spectators to a female handball match.
“When I remember the number of matches I played in empty and half empty halls in Belgrade in front of 200 spectators out of which 150 were family and friends, and think about the 20000 in the Arena, the feeling is amazing. You have to prove yourself. We won over the hearts of the public by the way we treat the jersey with the Serbian emblem. Let’s be realistic, the people in there weren’t all people who were involved in the world of handball, but they have all seen our sacrifice, our heart and soul, and we as a team recognized what our nation needs – the hunger for success. Our motto was “FIGHT to the very end!” We were worth watching. It was something we said from the very first day, that people might not see some spectacular handball with fancy moves, but what they definitely will see is us fighting to the very end. We are a nation that appreciates that, but also does many things out of spite. We also play out of spite sometimes. We do it just to prove that we are better and that we can do it, especially when someone says that we can’t.”