Date: March 29, 2016


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After spending four years of growing in Ljubljana, in terms of handball as well as in terms of life, Andrea soon grew out of the capital city of Ljubljana. Her ambitions were much bigger than reaching the semifinals of the Champions League which Krim constantly kept losing the opportunity for. She eventually got an offer that she couldn’t refuse. Gyor from Hungary was in the process of creating a “dream team”, with an extremely serious approach and plan to win the big trophy of the Champions League. Andrea then moved from Ljubljana to a small town halfway between Budapest and Vienna.
“Gyor is a small town, it is the exact opposite of what I was used to until then. Still, there is something that presented an extreme pleasure and honor for me there. I have never seen so many people living and breathing handball to such a degree. Every athlete wants to be respected, and they want their work to be appreciated. Running out to the handball court in that atmosphere was such a wonderful feeling, and it really helped us believe that our court was some kind of fortress that is yet to be conquered. The cheers by the audience were surreal, fanatic, almost. Female handball in Gyor is the same as male football in all of Europe, when it comes to popularity and the fans.”