Date: March 29, 2016

Client: Andrea Lekic

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In the summer of 2013, Andrea made a big step forward when it comes to dedication and taking responsibility as a role-model for the generations to come.
“I left Serbia early. Sports build character, and that character helps you cope with the ups and downs of life. I left home while I was still very young and it gave me a chance to start becoming more and more independent. I learned all of the basics of handball here, but unfortunately, I learned the methodology abroad. I believe that I can use myself and other successful athletes as an example and promote the sport in the right way, guiding the children through their journey and showing them the right path. Taking responsibility and organizing all of this is not an easy feat, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to make everything happen, but as soon as I see all of those happy children and feel their undying energy, I know for certain that it is one of the most important decisions I have ever made during the course of my career. I don’t know if there is anything more beautiful than being independent and being able to bring an idea that you and your team believe in to life. Our camp is striving to become a unique kind of Academy where we are trying to build our foundations based upon a variety of elements: educating children, helping them bring their technique to perfection, encourage their sportsmanship, improve their culture of addressing and many other details that make all of the difference when it comes to differentiating between excellent athletes and elite athletes. What’s also important is the fact that we are trying to let them know that there is life outside of handball as well, so we are also trying to teach them how to spend time together, respect each other, and that the only way they can function properly is by working as a team. The idea is for the camp to remain international, because the children make a lot more progress when they are exchanging their experiences in different languages, dialects etc, and by using English as their main means of communication. I am especially proud of the fact that they are also making progress when it comes to their education as well. All of that joy and happiness that happens each year at camp is amazing and I am determined to make it happen each year. The satisfaction I feel is beyond anything I can describe, and from this standpoint, I believe I can say that it will be my life’s calling in the future.”