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Hundreds of aspiring youngsters took part at a number of handball camps using the summer to develop their skills or just enjoy time meeting their idols while playing their favourite sport.

Furthermore, the appeal of the handball camps has never been greater, as many stars chose to dedicate at least a few days of their well-earned holidays to take part and support their friends, teammates or compatriots in their cause.

Following the handball activities throughout the summer, brings you closer to the action from Ohrid in FYR Macedonia and Goc in Serbia.

Andrea’s youngsters take over Ohrid

For the third year in succession, Andrea Lekic summer camp brought 70 participants from 12 countries to a seven-day handball festival, this time in Ohrid.

Alongside the majority of the kids from the former Yugoslav countries, a number of participants from Iceland and even one from Belgium took part this year, as the camp continues to gain a more international profile.

The participating girls aged 11 to 17 took part in a week-long, twice a day training regime assembled by a group of experts working with Europe’s top athletes.

Moreover, the participants had a chance to train alongside not only Andrea Lekic who actively took part and oversaw every single minute over the duration of the camp, but also Sanja Damnjanovic, Katarina Tomasevic and Robertina Mecevska, who joined in support of Andrea’s cause.

“It is an utmost pleasure watching the kids relish every chance to learn from you; placing so much emphasis into everything you say and show to them.

“Their joy, willingness and creativity and energy is the most wonderful thing in the world.

“Seeing their teary eyes as the camp draws to a close, when everything is over and done, is an incredible feeling. As long as that is the case, we will do it again and again, year after year,” said Lekic.

The camp did not only include handball related activities, but a rather diverse offering – from field trips, cruising and bathing in Ohrid lake to socialising with the aforementioned stars, during the “Handball day” organised in the town.

The “Handball day” was a festivity for itself. Grouping mini handball for the youngest with the coordination, speed and flexibility excerizes for the more aspiring camp goers, it was in fact a celebration of youth and enthusiasm that brought them all to Ohrid.

Finally, by the end of the day, everyone had a chance to test their penalty taking skills in downtown Ohrid, with none other than the Serbian star Katarina Tomasevic in goal.