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Hello handball fans,

It’s less than one week until we meet in Budapest. You’re all coming, right?

I’m thrilled to be back at the FINAL4 for the second time. It’s an enormous thing for women’s handball! It’s a great privilege to be part of this event – it gives another dimension to this amazing sport.

The whole season has been a rollercoaster for us at Vardar. The beginning of the season didn’t look good at all. We’ve had our fair share of injuries, but we’ve found our groove at the right time.

We’re playing better and better in each match, and really growing as a team. I have a feeling you will see our best handball in Budapest – we will put everything we have in those two games.

Relishing the big occasion

The whole buzz around the FINAL4 is slowly starting to get to me. But I feel no pressure, only thrill and excitement. I always say pressure is the main substance of sport. It’s always there, but you have to turn it to your advantage.

I am literally counting down the days until the FINAL4, and as you may know, I simply enjoy the big games!

This year’s event is going to be so different from the first one – Györ won’t be there, so that is definitely going to feel different; and we are back, one year older, smarter, stronger and better.

I am completely focused on the FINAL4. We all are. We know how much work we need to put in, and we do it daily. Most of us were there last season, which makes us more determined to get to the final.

I’m aware I have to be completely focused on the training – make sacrifices now to enjoy success later.

I hardly have any time to see my family and friends these days. It’s one thing I miss the most, but nobody said it was easy, right? They understand what the FINAL4 means to me. I have promised I will make up for it when the season is finally over.

My good friend Grubi (Jelena Grubisic, now Györi Audi ETO KC goalkeeper) was here to visit me last week. It’s all about friendships like this one!

She stayed for a few days, and we went to check out all my favourite spots around the city. She promised she will come again when the season is over, and then I will finally have time to explore this beautiful country of Macedonia.

Memories and unforgettable friendships in Hungary

Every trip to Hungary brings back memories. I had two wonderful years in Györ, and made so many friends and great memories.

When we went to Györ, I took time to see Katrine Lunde and her husband, Serbian footballer Nikola Trajkovic. We have an unforgettable friendship. They are my dear friends, only this time we had a new member – their baby.

Of course, the visit couldn’t pass without a bit of teasing, after we defeated Györ in the quarter-finals. Hahaha.

I can’t wait to see them again. She will be there in Budapest, and she promised she will be cheering for us with the rest of the team.

I think we will have the best support at the FINAL4, because many of our fans will come, and I hope the Hungarian fans will be rooting for us as well!

On our way back from Hungary, I took an early stop to visit my family and friends in Belgrade. It was also my last moment to relax and recharge my batteries before we step up our game for the FINAL4.

It was really all about relaxing. I enjoyed spending time with my brother and his kid, having long walks with my dog, and coffee with friends. I even made it to my friend’s wedding!

Fast and furious

As much as I miss my family and friends right now, I am happy to be spending so much time with the team. We are doing everything together these days. Breathing as one, you could say. When we’re not training, we often have dinners and watch movies.

Just the other day we were watching Fast & Furious, hoping we will be fast and furious in Budapest, like we were against Györ!

We are doing our best to prepare, and very soon the fun part starts.  I can’t wait to get on the court in Budapest and enjoy handball with a smile on my face!

This FINAL4 is going to be special. I invite you all to come, and of course, support Vardar!

Ajde, ajde, ajdeeeee Vardareeeeee!

Until next time,


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TEXT: Andrea Lekic